Movement Fundamentals® Institute

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I’ve been affected mind, body, and soul by the Movement Fundamentals curriculum, and I carry with me a knowledge that our bodies are our truest homes.

Kajsa Jones

With the new and exciting exploration of movement I have begun to dive into with my body, I have started to free my mind from restriction.

Cory Eull

Mentally I have become more confident in my dancing and just being who I am. I have started to learn to accept that it is okay to not be okay all the time.

Kaitlin Poock

Using the Movement Fundamentals Tenets and Practices while inhabiting a body of blackness, womanness, and chronic illness, a liberated and embodied activism emerges.

Christie Owens

My experience of the Movement Fundamentals dance curriculum wholly transformed my perceptions of movement, the body, art, and my own existence.

Mike Moran

The Movement Fundamentals approach Jane has developed for training dancers from the inside out creates integrated, thoughtful humans in addition to amazing movers.

Laura Donnelly

What is Movement Fundamentals?

Liberating Practices for Dance Artists | Movement in Life & Art

Movement Fundamentals is a training paradigm and experimental curriculum designed and refined by dance artist Jane Hawley since 1996. The intent was to create a fundamental and moving paradigm, which trains dancers as artists and empowers people to love and feel gratitude for their bodies.

MF Herstory

MF MENTORING with Jane Hawley


  • A “top up” on your MF certification and ongoing research. (Jane requests one
    mentoring session per 6 months for MF Certified Artists.)
  • For hours toward completing MF certification.
  • A way to begin certification or re-engage with the MF experiment and paradigm.


  • Group Session (4 or more) – $25/person
  • Trio Session – $35/person
  • Duet Session – $50/person
  • Individual Session – $100

Jane accepts payment through

  • VENMO Jane Hawley-4 (563-419-3519) – US dollars
  • WISE (for non-US dollars)