MF Certification

We offer MF certification as a personal preference to anyone who wants to learn how to facilitate the MF paradigm and continue the research for moving in life and art.

Teach Movement Fundamentals. Change Lives.

After five years of conducting the Movement Fundamentals Coalescence, participants became interested in teaching the MF paradigm in their respective locations, institutions, businesses, and practices. Through careful and deliberate collective conversations, the group developed a certification process. Certification allows practitioners to become artists within the MF paradigm and teach the MF paradigm wherever they are.

Why certify?

MF empowers selfhood and embodiment. If we become who we truly are and embody that gift within our community, we evolve into better humans and more luminous beings while providing a method for others to do the same.

MF Coalescence 2024

MF Introductory Intensive | July 18 – July 20, 2024
MF Research & Development Sessions | July 22 – July 26 2024

The Certification Process

MF Certification happens in a myriad of ways within the three stages and is customized, in collaboration with Jane, to fit each practitioner's art and life.

MF Coalescence

Attend Three Coalescence Sessions
(250 hrs)

A forum where students, researchers, and professionals come together to learn and practice Movement Fundamentals.

MF Coalescence 2021 will be held in Decorah, Iowa at Luther College Center for the Arts July 15-22, 2021

MF Immersion

Arrange Immersion with Jane Hawley
(125 hrs)

MF theory and praxis intensive experimentation. Location and duration of immersion will be determined on a case by case basis.

Contact Jane.

MF Project

Develop and Produce Community Project
(250 hrs)

Project determined by artist seeking certification.

Examples of past projects: Assisting Jane Hawley in designing and hosting the MF Coalescences; A year-long investigation of the MF tenets, culminating in community workshops, lectures, and demonstrations; Adopting the MF curriculum for hip-hop dance training

Explore Certification

Contact Jane if you want to bring the Movement Fundamentals practice into your life.

Contact Jane

The Movement Fundamentals Coalescence summer 2013 workshop was one of the most refreshing and restorative dance experiences I’ve had in years!

Laura Donnelly

MF has encouraged willingness to try new things, learn through perceived failures and successes, and enjoy the gifts, challenges, and mysteries of my living human body!

Kate Blair

Like learning a language, Movement Fundamentals compels immersion; it is a way of being, a way of thinking, a way of moving in research, art, personal, and professional realms.

Amanda Moran

Dancing/Presencing is a source of healing for me, and as a scholar practicing and embodying the Healing Arts, every moment of being radically present is a moment of artful activism.

Christie Owens