Blake Nellis

Exploring expression, connection and creativity through dance, photography, nature and facilitation of group experiences.

Blake Nellis


Blake Nellis is an artist, educator and improviser who creates work with the body. His work is deeply rooted in human connection, physical touch and shared emotion. He graduated from Luther College with a degree in Theater/Dance and later taught in the Visual & Performing Arts Department (2013-15).

Artist Statement

I am an interdisciplinary artist. I practice listening, sensing, waiting in the stillness, connecting to others and instant readiness. I look to dance, primarily contact improvisation, to experience the world through movement and somatic experience. I practice photography for aesthetic, poetic and design clarity. I feel inspired by music, poetry, social movements and Mother Nature.

My favorite MF tenets are: (3) Develop skills in observation, awareness, responsiveness and expressiveness (5) Use vocabulary of anatomy, spatial intent, movement qualities and design elements (7) Investigate unfolding embodiment & personal virtuosity.