Christie Owens

Movement FUNdamentals: Movement Education for Kids

Christie Owens


Christie is a grateful and fiery full-time teacher of Theatre and Dance in the Minneapolis Public School District, creating experiences of Movement Education to children across cultures from K-3. Christie is the Creator/Coordinator of the Luther College Summer Dance Camp and a Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher.

Artist Statement

A Minneapolis based Healing Artist by day and night, I use the Movement Fundamentals paradigm in all aspects of art, work, and life. Working with kids with mental or physical challenges, teaching yoga for all bodies, teaching movement to twenty or more kids, or simply being present in day-to-day life are all situations I find myself implementing some form of liberating the body and mind.

The MF’s premise of asking the body What Is Needed yields a practice and life of presence. Asking What Is Needed inspires a relationship to the body that we oftentimes become disconnected to in our daily lives. Returning to the question of What Is Needed when it comes to working in education, The nonprofit sector, summer camps for children, or when holding space and community for other women of color is a radical and simple way to cultivate and nurture authentic and ever adapting relationships.

The presence evoked when focusing on how the mind is relates to the body
the feeling and thinking through the body,
the challenge to be present
is what I incorporate in my life and work from my micro interactions to my macro movements. And that creates the love of body that I inspire to ignite daily.

Dancing/Presencing is a source of healing for me, and as a scholar practicing and embodying the Healing Arts, every moment of being radically present is a moment of artful activism.

Using the Movement Fundamentals Tenets and Practices while inhabiting a body of blackness, womanness, and chronic illness, a liberated and embodied activism emerges.

Being a Movement Fundamentals practitioner is a way of sparking joy in movement within myself while shedding light and understanding on the joy of movement to others.

Feel free to connect about offerings, facilitations, classes, and more. Namaste!