Crysta Caulkins-Clouse

Movement Fundamentals and Artistic Development in Dance

Crysta Clouse


Crysta Caulkins-Clouse, M.F.A., is a professional dance artist and Co-Director of Big Rig Dance Collective in Dallas/Fort Worth and Central Texas. She currently teaches dance and fitness classes and manages an event venue in the San Antonio area.

Artist Statement

In my artistic and life practice, Movement Fundamentals serves as a guide to appreciate, harness, define, and/or develop creativity that I find constant in the world. Work in the 4 Phases has been revolutionary to the way I find structure within any creative endeavor – be it a way to enter, to check-in when I feel lost in the middle, or to reflect and refine as I finish a product (though there is never a true end). Through work with MF Directography, I can quickly translate what I see and value in the world to movement that can be shared with others – be it through performance, community projects or in dance class.

Moreover, the MF guiding principles and tenets provide a base for my teaching and artistic philosophies, and help me to align my practices with a clear purpose. While I do not work within a MF philosophy at all times, its structure is so clear that I know when I stray and can do so with intention and purpose, which further helps me to define my artistic mission.

Finally, work with MF helps me get out of my own head and focus on others – enhancing collaborative relationships and helping others to find their artistic voices. MF helps me to listen and respond with empathy, and I believe it has helped the groups with whom I work communicate effectively – with more voices heard.