James Mueller

Building an Art Apparatus with Movement Fundamentals

James Mueller


James is a teacher, dancer, and choreographer living and working in Chicago, IL. He has worked with Thompson Street Opera, Pride Film & Plays, and Not Too Fancy Productions among others. After working in studio administration for Hubbard Street Dance Chicago and Chicago Human Rhythm Project, James began teaching using the Movement Fundamentals paradigm and 4 Phase practice. James is excited to continue pursuing dance making as well as his Movement Fundamentals Certification.

Artist Statement

What is revolutionary about Movement Fundamentals is its acknowledgement of both the individual artist and the community. By providing a structure in which individual artists can dive into themselves, they begin to notice and share connections with others and create community. This community then provides the safety and reassurance needed for the individual artist to explore even deeper which in turn, enriches and strengthens the community. This infinity structure that is self-sustaining reflects systems found in the body and is a pattern I wish to replicate at an institutional level. MF principles and tenets can be used to not only train virtuosic dancers, but also reinvent the whole system of art-making. By integrating creation, composition, observation, and documentation into the paradigm, dancers practice the agency needed to push back against the “dancer as commodity” culture. I wish to create a space where artists can train, create work, collaborate, perform, and receive compensation without sacrificing their autonomy and creative agency. In pursuit of this goal, I evaluate my dance practice through the lens of the MF paradigm as I strive for continual renewal, refinement, and revelation.


Contact James Mueller at james.viise.mueller@gmail.com and find James on instagram @jmjamesmueller