Jana Lundell

Movement Fundamentals in Curative Practices

Jana Lundell


Weaving patterns between the mind and body, Jana seeks to fully acknowledge and engage with the life around her and within. She aspires to fill the somatic void in modern medicine by recognizing the importance and power of embodiment in healing, restoration and self-cultivation.

Artist Statement

Movement Fundamentals acts as the fabric that weaves in, around, and through my life connecting what I know, experience, and perceive to who I am – and to the world around me. Within this paradigm, I am continually realizing the many ways in which the alignment, function, range, and efficiency of my body, as well as the vocabulary and intention of my movement, influence how I align and function in my life. It is these never-ending realizations that ground my work in the field of physical therapy. There is an increasing need for a more body-conscious society (i.e. one that fosters body knowledge, awareness, and embodiment as mechanisms for health) and a more holistic and intrinsic approach to healing. Using the Movement Fundamentals paradigm, I aspire to create a curative environment that recognizes the body as an intelligent source, healing individuals by unearthing, and supporting their own process of bodily becoming. Employing the paired principles, this method of healing charges the individual to develop awareness of one’s own alignment, function, range, and efficiency in day-to-day movement, defining and evolving their vocabulary and intention regarding their movement patterns as a means to heal, restore, and cultivate individual health and well-being.


Email: jana.lundell@gmail.com