Laurie Meinholz

Chiropractic and Movement Fundamentals

Laurie Meinholz


Laurie is a 2008 Luther graduate. While at Luther, Laurie studied under Jane Hawley as a theatre/dance major. She then went on to pursue chiropractic, graduating from Palmer in 2013. After graduation Laurie opened up her own practice, Nordic Chiropractic, in Decorah, IA.

Artist Statement

In my chiropractic practice, I find myself teaching MF to my patients one visit and one concept at a time. I teach them simple things like how to fall properly, as well as body patterning and connections. Teaching these small portions of MF to patients helps them use their body more efficiently, avoid injury, and have less frequent visits to the chiropractor. I also use my knowledge of MF in order to care for my own body while working on others.


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