Miranda Bushaw Beyer

Finding Balance through Movement Fundamentals

Miranda Beyer


Miranda lives, plays, and works in Northeast Iowa. A graduate of Luther College, Miranda returned to her hometown of Edgewood, where she now shares a home with her husband and daughter. She owns Fusion DanceWorks, a studio serving students ages 3 – high school.

Artist Statement

Every day is a balancing act. From life at home, to teaching, to choreographing, to serving my community; I am forever seeking balance. Honoring tradition and expectation; at the same time pushing boundaries and proposing new paths. Desiring collaboration with community, heightening and enriching life’s experience together; then knowing when my voice is most needed and making sure it is heard. Knowing when a dancer needs to spend their class time talking through issues at school rather than breaking down their pirouettes. Most importantly, seeking the discernment to know which way the scale should tip on any given day, in each situation.

Movement fundamentals informs this balancing act. It is an invitation to examine what is core and essential – in dance, in class, in relationship. For my practice, it suggests that all of the extraneous influences can be stripped away, and I can build/rebuild from a neutral space. It allows me to discover: What is important? What is needed? What am I noticing? What do I imagine? And trusting that these answers can change moment by moment, and that we can give ourselves grace through our discoveries.

I don’t expect to always take the right path, or to make the right decisions. Sometimes I will push instead of yield; I will yell rather than listen; I will stick with routine for no other reason than it’s easy. But as things fall out of balance, I can reconnect to what is core and essential through the practices and principles learned in MF. And then tomorrow, I will begin again.


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