Sara Maronde

Movement Fundamentals - A Dance of Healing Science

Sara Maronde


Integrating science and art; creating and analyzing. Sara is engaged in the Movement Fundamentals tenet that views the body as an intelligent source; a space for investigating and reflecting. As a graduate nursing student, Sara explores how movement impacts personal and global well-being and can be used to incite change – as an artist, healer, and human.

Artist Statement

Movement Fundamentals, as a paradigm, allows for fluid interplay of art in and around and between life. My current transient states of artist, student, care-giver, researcher, and mover are interwoven by the grounding Tenets of Practice of Movement Fundamentals. Adaptation, improvisation, observation, and creativity – these concepts were not only staples of the material in my every encounter with Movement Fundamentals, but were practiced in a variety of environments and with a variety of intentions.

The regular practice and embodiment of such concepts has significantly bolstered my work in direct patient care and my interpersonal communications with both co-workers and patients. I am hyper-aware of my body movements and body language while interacting with patients. I have practiced the art of body mirroring, attuning your body language to the person where your attention is directed in order to create a sense of empathy. I am able to more effectively explain physical sensations and rely on the body as an intelligent source of information for both self and other.

These skills have become an innate way in which I interact with the world, both in a work setting and in my daily life. Research and care-giving and creativity are seamlessly integrated with the sensate and empowered scaffolding that Movement Fundamentals provides every individual. As a creative practice and life process, Movement Fundamentals has ingrained in my body that agency is always within and that there are endless ways to sustain that agency and contribute to the health of self, other, and world.