Sophia Rog

Sophia Rog


Sophia Rog makes her home and living in Santa Fe NM as a massage therapist.

Artist Statement

I work to illuminate the mundane, sparkling, and small excellencies of life through folk styles of dance, music, and handcraft, especially, but not limited to, the arts of my northern- and eastern-European ancestors, and do so outside of an educational institution. In taking a hiatus from the contemporary art world, I discovered I had un-realized prejudices against folk and vernacular arts, thinking or feeling, subconsciously, that they were not as sophisticated, refined, thoughtful, or meaningful as whatever I perceived to be contemporary, unique, and intelligent. As my heart and mind broaden to find love for new arts and possibilities for art, the tenets of MF broaden with me, and then I realize they were always broad, I just had to grow to fit them. The principals of MF permeate my days, as I track my alignment—my physical, musculoskeletal alignment, the alignment or lack thereof between my mind and heart and body, the ways in which I align, intersect with, confront and am confronted by, the world around me.