Travis Nietert

Movement Fundamentals influences my Bodywork to facilitate change and promote healing.

Travis Nietert


Travis is a 2015 Luther College grad currently practicing as a Massage Therapist, Dancer, and Fitness Instructor and Trainer in Minneapolis, MN. Movement Fundamentals is a continual guide in his bodywork and artistic practice.

Artist Statement

Utilizing various bodywork modalities and movement exercises, I strive to bring people into an awareness of their body in time and space. Alignment and Function, Range and Efficiency, and Vocabulary and Intention are the main influencers in my work and art. I use these MF principles as a means to empower individuals to recognize the ease with which they can move. By encouraging self exploration, witnessing, and creative practice I wish to guide individuals into a state of perpetual wellness. I believe that once we acquire agency for the care and maintenance of our bodies, we can see beyond the mundane tasks of life, and enjoy the dance in our bodies. MF inspires me to bring artistry into the realm of self care and health in order to engage the body, mind, and spirit in a combined healing process.