Marah Owecke

Movement Fundamentals for The Human Experience, aka Life is S!*t, Try This


Marah Owecke (she/her) is a psychotherapist, mover, and lifelong student based on the Central
Oregon Coast.

Artist Statement

Movement Fundamentals (MF) is my guide to everyday life, and it is central to my professional engagement. As an individual, MF guides my awareness of body and mind. As a professional, MF guides my approach to myself, my clients, and the work we do together.

We create meaning through the narratives we believe, MF allows for exploration of beliefs and experiences to find the narratives we align with. There are no strict rules, only a basic recipe to guide exploration. In my professional practice, I apply MF Principles, Tenets, and 4 Phases as a structure to create knowledge and narrative sourced from each individual—interacting with all elements of life in whatever way fits the journey.

Navigating the healing process is a journey, not a goal: Begin where you are, release judgement, move, learn, grow. Seek to support and hold yourself and your story. There is no wrong way to move, and there is no wrong way to navigate your healing process.

Not a goal, but a journey, and that journey is your own.